Unraveling the biological function of a 22q11 locus gene

audepubli-web.jpgAude Molinard-Chenu © Dayer's Lab

Researchers reveal the developmental function of a new schizophrenia (SZ) risk-gene.

The candidate SZ-risk gene DGCR2 is located in the 22q11.2 locus, whose deletion is a major risk factor for SZ. In a recent paper published in Biological Psychiatry, Aude Molinard-Chenu, former MD-PhD Synapsy student in the lab of Alexandre Dayer, shows that Dgcr2 regulates neuronal migration, a critical step in cortical development.

In addition, researchers identify key molecular pathways involved in this process and demonstrate that a human SZ-risk mutation in DGCR2 has a pathogenic impact on cortical formation.

Overall, this work further strengthens the hypothesis that altered cortical development may play a critical role in vulnerability to SZ.

22 Jan 2018