11.12.2019 - Philanthropy Lunch: " Water as a public good: Room for philanthropy(sur invitation)


Dr. Danilo Türk, Chairman of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace and former president of Republic of Slovenia 

Dr. Mara Tignino, Lead Legal Specialist, Platform for International Water Law at the Geneva Water Hub; Reader, Faculty of Law and Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva

Cédric Lecamp, Senior Investment Manager – Thematic Equities, Pictet-Water fund

Panel moderated by Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva and Geneva Water Hub; Member of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace


The art of giving - Art law and philanthropy

17 October 2019, Maison des fondations, Geneva, 8.15 am - 6.00 pm

Annual conference of the Art Law Foundation (ALF) and the Centre for Art Law (CDA) organized in partnership with the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy.




Watch the full lecture online >>

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 01.10.2019 Opening Conference of Uni3 - Vers une nouvelle philanthropie ?

Key note: Henry Peter, Head, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Free entrance. Uni Dufour, Auditoire Rouiller, U300 |2.30

Watch the full conference online >>

 01.10.2019 Forum des fondations 2019, IMD Lausanne

Meilleures pratiques de gouvernance pour répondre aux besoins sociétaux ?

SwissFoundations event, in partnership with ACAD, AGFA, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, IMD and proFonds



11.09.2019 - Philanthropy Lunch: "Tax and philanthropy" (by invitation)


Prof. René Bekkers, Director of the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Dr. Raphaël Gani, Judge, Swiss Federal Administrative Court

Prof. Xavier Oberson, Professor of Swiss and International Tax Law,  University of Geneva

Panel moderated par Dr. Giedre Lideikyte Huber, Senior research associate, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Summary notes and the powerpoint presentation are available.

27.06.2019 - Philanthropy Lunch: "Why do people give?"


Prof. Florian Cova, Lauréat FNS Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship 2018 in philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and CISA, University of Geneva

Dr. Emma Tieffenbach, lecturer in Philosophy of Philanthropy, Academic fellow of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio, Assistant Professor, Edmond de Rothschild Foundations Chair in behavioural philanthropy

Panel moderated by Prof. David Sander, Head of CISAUniversity of Geneva

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Summary notes and the powerpoint presentation are available.



10.12.2018 - Colloque "Philanthropie, émotions et empathie: quels liens ?"

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02.10.2018 - Forum des fondations 2018 "Les meilleurs pratiques de gouvernance des fondations - quelle actualité?" SwissFoundations event, in collaboration with  proFondsAGFAACADIMD and the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy



18.09.2018 - Philanthropy Lunch: "Genève et la philanthropie : un état d'esprit ?" (by invitation)

Summary notes and last news from the Centre are available



17.09.2018 -  "Philanthropy & Global health: opportunities for sustainable impact", in partnership with the Club Diplomatique de Genève. (sur invitation)

The presentations are available.


06.06.2018 - Philanthropy Series: "Institutional investors’ engagement 
and other ESG policies: why and how?" Organized by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, in partnership with the University of Cambridge



08.05.2018 - Philanthropy Lunch: "Ethique: quelle priorité pour faire le plus de bien?"

Organized by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, in association with Effective Altruism Geneva

Summary notes and presentation  are available.



19.04.2018 - Conférence: "2018 OECD Report on Global Philanthropy for Development"

in association with the Graduate Institute and OECD 



22.02.2018 - Philanthropy lunch: "Engage or exclude: What is the best way to align investments with mission?"

Organized by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, in association with ethos and Cambridge University.

Summary notes and the presentation are available. 


21.11.2017 - Philanthropy lunch: "Impact Measurement: What's new?"

Organized by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, in association with Philanthropy Impact

Summary notes and the presentations are available.