2 October 2024 | 12.00 - 1.45 | Philanthropy Lunch | Art Donations to Museums

Format: In-person & via Zoom

Venue: Room 408, Uni-Dufour

In collaboration with the Art Law Foundation and with the participation of Dr. Anne Laure Bandle, Dr. Peter Mosimann and Prof. Xavier Oberson.

Art donations play a pivotal role in enriching the collections of museums. This panel will analyze the legal framework governing art donations, exploring the intricacies of donor agreements and the obligations they impose on museums. Additionally, we will examine the tax implications for donors and museums, highlighting the benefits and potential pitfalls associated with charitable contributions of art. Beyond the legal and financial aspects, the panel will shed light on the practices and policies that museums employ to accept and integrate donated works into their collections.

8 Octobre 2024 | 18h-20h00 | Semaine de la démocratie | Conférence “Démocratie et lutte contre la polarisation: quel rôle pour la philanthropie?»

Format: En présentiel

Lieu: Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID), Auditoire Pictet

En collaboration avec l'Office cantonal de l’économie et de l’innovation (OCEI), le Centre Albert Hirschman sur la démocratie (IHEID),  et SwissFoundations (SF).

28 Novembre 2024 | 12h00 - 13h45 | Philanthropy Lunch | Gestion d’actifs des fondations – Analyse et benchmarking

Format: En présentiel & via Zoom

Lieu: Salle 408, Uni-Dufour

En collaboration avec SwissFoundations et avec la participation de Cyril Berner, PPC Metrics.

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