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Members of the Centre and its network regularly publish articles in various international journals. The published works are available whenever possible in open access.

June 2023

Empresas B y sociedades BIC - Perspectiva comparada de las empresas con propósito, Carlos Vargas Vasserot, Jaime Alcalde Silva & William H. Clark Jr., Tirant lo Blanch

Foreword by Henry Peter

“At Fondation Hélène et Victor Barbour, we have been very enthusiastically and confidently involved in the GCP’s work. In less than three years, the Centre has demonstrated the benefits of combining academic research and reflection with human action and engagement for the advancement of the philanthropy sector. By bringing hearts and minds together to serve the common good, we have stayed true to our founders’ ideals.”

Philippe Cottier, Secretary General, Fondation Hélène et Victor Barbour