Anciens collaborateurs

Marianne Seijo

Dr Marianne Seijo

Ancienne collaboratrice: Maître-assistante

Marianne Seijo is a theorist and chemoinformatician scientist. She works actually as scientist in the Analytical, Environmental Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter Science Laboratory. Her actual research makes an insight on  the environmental fate of natural and industrial nanoparticles in natural water and soils. She studies their interaction with different natural components (fulvic acids, biopolymers, etc). She also work on microplastic in environmental fresh water.

Born in Palma de Majorque (Spain) and raised in Paris (France), she graduate from Masters in (1) Organic Chemistry (level1, Cergy-Pontoise University), (2) informatics (level 2, Nancy University) and (3) physico chemical theory and simulation (level 2, Orsay University). After graduation, she moved in University of Geneva (Switzerland) for Ph. D. studies: modeling and better insight on pollutant transport in natural fresh water with natural nanoparticles. She created new methods to simulate accurately nanoparticles interactions, surface charging process and dynamics. Then she obtained different post doctoral positions at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, where she developed new methods and different software in the domains of pollutants chemical interactions, identification of orphan reactions in metabolic network, clustering software for chemical libraries to quote a few. Then she go to private company, R&D Philip Morris international, in the department of reduce risk product department to have a better inside on the Impact of molecular interactions in liquid aerosol and impact of physico chemical conditions on liquid/gas transfer of molecules for reduced risk studies approaches.

Anciens collaborateurs