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Microplastic concentrations, characterization and biodegradability in field side composting in Geneva

Microplastic pollution is a worldwide problem impacting both environment and human health. Few studies focused on the soil compartment, which appears to be a consequent storage of microplastic particles. This study focused on assessing the concentrations of microplastic particles and their characterization in field side composting in Geneva. Evaluation of microplastic biodegradation is also investigated as a function of the physico-chemical properties of composts.

  • Funding : DT, GESDEC, UniGe
  • UniGe Responsible : Serge Stoll, Fanny Berset
  • Partners : Département des territoires et Gesdec (Matthieu Raeis, Zoe Cimatti, Damien Wilhem), Ruralis (Catherine Bertone), exploitants agricoles de Genève