Projets en cours

Vermifiltration for domestic wastewater treatment

In this project the viability of vermifiltration for domestic wastewater treatment and the potential enduses of both treated wastewater and vermicompost is investigated. This project is based on the vermifilter pilot project installed at the housing cooperative, Equilibre, in Geneva, and aims to create a thorough understanding on how vermifiltration treats domestic wastewater effluents, how it conforms to current quality standards and the mass balance of micropollutants, heavy metals, and microplastics throughout the treatment processes.

  • Funding : UniGe
  • UniGe Responsible : Serge Stoll, Kayla Coppens, John Poté, Laurent Matthey
  • Partners : Equilibre, Aneco, Luciole, Hach-Lange, Soubeyran, ATBA