GAP receives CHF 3.7 million in funding from SERI

The UNIGE's Department of Applied Physics (GAP) has been awarded CHF 3.7 million in funding for a project aimed in particular at deploying and integrating quantum cryptography systems in the Geneva network, as well as distributing quantum entanglement over long distances (up to 50km).

The advances linked to this project will be crucial for a future 'quantum internet', and will also contribute to the training of future quantum researchers and engineers. The project is being led by four GAP researchers (Mikael Afzelius, Nicolas Brunner, Rob Thew and Wolfang Tittel) in collaboration with the Carouge-based company ID Quantique, a world leader in the commercialisation of quantum communication technologies. 

Quantum communication is one of the most advanced quantum technologies available today. The deployment of (inter-)national quantum networks is developing rapidly on a global scale. Researchers in UNIGE's Department of Applied Physics have made a major contribution to these developments, and have been awarded a major SERI project to support and promote the excellence of their work in this field.

June 9, 2023