Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology


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  • Carbonates as an archive of past global changes (paleoclimate and paleoceanography)
  • Comparative sedimentology between modern and ancient carbonates
  • Diagenesis and geochemistry of carbonate rocks
  • Sedimentology of flysch deposits
  • Biostratigraphic dating of sedimentary successions
  • Multidisciplinary approach for disentangling the factors controlling different organisms distribution patterns and evolution
  • Taxonomic revisions in the systematic of foraminifers      



Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Hosselkus limestone and Luning Formation (California and Nevada, Western USA).

Supervisors : Rossana Martini

PhD Student : Andrea Fucelli

Collaborations: Martin Golding and Camille Peybernes

The Upper Triassic atoll-type carbonates of Japan: sedimentology, biostratigraphy and diagenesis.

Collaboration: Camille Peybernes and Giovan Peyrotty

Impact of Cainozoic warm episodes on the East Indian oceanic circulation.

Supervisors : Sandrine Le Houedec

Collaboration: Sandrine Le Houedec and Elias Samankassou

Impact of the Last Glacial Maximum on the Mediterranean hydrology: regional atmospheric and oceanographic teleconnections.

Main investigator : Sandrine Le Houedec
Project leader: Meryem Mojtahid (Université d’Angers)

Paleoceanographic reconstruction of the upper Triassic Panthalassa.

Collaboration: Sandrine Le Houedec, Andrea Fucelli and Rossana Martini

Coral thermal bleaching thresholds during past interglacial extremes.

Supervisors : Supervisor: Elias Samankassou (in collaboration with Silvia Spezzaferri, Université de Fribourg)

Postdocs: Sebastian Flöter and Torin Cannings

Holocene sea-level and climate changes based on Porites microatolls in French Polynesia

Supervisors : Elias Samankassou (in collaboration with the Holoreefs and Holoflats Team)

PhD Student : Nicholas Farley

Cretaceous and Cenozoic basins in Cameroon: Genesis, infill and reservoir potential

Supervisors : Elias Samankassou

PhD Student : Jeanne Armelle Bilobé

Bajocian coral reefs of the “Herrenwis Unit” in Northern-Eastern Switzerland

Supervisors : Elias Samankassou

PhD Student : Arnaud Ruchat

Carboniferous carbonate platforms and reefs: New insights from Northern Spain and Southern China

Supervisors : Elias Samankassou