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Entrepreneurship in quantum wonderland

Quantum computing is a new computing paradigm with great potential to solve computational problems that are too difficult or impossible to solve with classical computers. Qiskit (Quantum Information Science Kit) is a python framework for coding quantum algorithms on IBM computers.

Sasha Lazarevic is a quantum computing consultant and Qiskit Advocate. In his role as a quantum ambassador at IBM, Sasha Lazarevic has worked on promoting quantum computing and developing commercial use cases in the financial industry.

In his presentation, Sasha Lazarevic will give an introduction to quantum computing and give examples of algorithm development in Qiskit.

Join us in A150 on 28 April 2022 at 12:15 for what promises to be an interesting trip to quantum wonderland.


Please find below the slides of the presentation and a Jupyter notebook.

Presentation pdf


Mar 29, 2022

Past Events