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TESSA - Thermal Energy System Simulation Assistant

The Thermal Energy System Simulation Assistant (TESSA) is a software for early-stage feasibility and design studies for the decarbonisation of thermal energy in buildings, with a particular focus on the planning of district heating and cooling networks (DHC). TESSA aims to address challenges around cost, speed, and project acceptance with stakeholders in the transition to a decarbonised energy system. Changing how heating and cooling is provided to buildings can require substantial and potentially disruptive changes (e.g. extensive construction or renovation works). Enabling rapid change requires controlling costs and improving the acceptability of projects to diverse stakeholders. TESSA approaches this problem with a focus on interactivity, enabling tight feedback loops to support stakeholder engagement by allowing to quickly explore and customise different options. By providing instantaneous results, concepts can be rapidly iterated on, for example in participative work sessions with non-technical stakeholders. The intention is to facilitate feedback and consensus building in the pre-proposal process by allowing users to explore different options and this way to engage different stakeholders by digitalising and automating tasks related to geospatial and energy analysis for planning of district heat networks. This has the goal of improving both the cost effectiveness and social acceptability of energy transition projects.

The Team:

Dr. Jonathan Chambers

Chair for Energy Efficiency

Stefano Cozza

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Jan 13, 2022

Our Current Projects