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At Planeto we want to accelerate the energy transition by digitalising the design process of heating and cooling systems. We are a spin-off of the University of Geneva. Our flagship product is TESSA, a user-friendly, web-based energy planning software to make district heating and cooling (DHC) network planning faster, more efficient, mora accurate, and more cost effective. TESSA automates the planning process while also supporting collaboration and feedback around projects. It instantly calculates the technical and financial viability and environmental benefit of a DHC system. This improves decision making at the very early stage of projects where making changes to the plan is cheaper, and provide better knowledge to decision makers. The software is designed to simplify local district energy network planning processes and sustainable energy master planning to facilitate the deployment of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems and a fast upgrade and expansion of existing systems.

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The Team:

Dr. Jonathan Chambers

Chair for Energy Efficiency

Stefano Cozza

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Jan 13, 2022

Our Current Projects