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Agrolase - Vineyards


Laser diffraction and digital holography are used to detect spores of pathogens in the air in real time, such as mildew and powdery mildew in vines. In an autonomous station, powered by solar energy and communicating via 4G, different information is collected, such as temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind, etc. These data acquired in real time is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms within a central computer. This information and process are then used to deliver real-time information on the risk of infection to the operator in order to optimize spatially and temporally the antifungal treatment of his farm. While the presence of spores in the air is highly variable, both geographically and temporally, the measurement of spores allows the risk of infection to be treated in a targeted and early manner at a sub-parcel resolution. The aim is to reduce the amount of fungicide required while still protecting the farm from the risk of infection.

In last January, Agrolase received the Prix de l’Innovation « Coups de cœur » at Agrovina.


The team



Prof. Jean-Pierre Wolf


Tessa Basso


Prof. Jérôme Kasparian


Michaël Tran

Sep 22, 2020

Our Current Projects