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Effective Energy Saving Potential of Building Retrofit

Acronyme: Perf-GAP

Mots clés
Performance gap, building retrofit, benchmarking, cost assessment, energy efficiency solutions

Cadre du projet

Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research on Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts (SCCER FEEB&D), WP4, Task 4.3.1

Jad Khoury, Pierre Hollmuller

Responsable du projet
Jad Khoury


The vision of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research on Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts (SCCER FEEB&D) is to develop solutions for the Swiss building stock which will lead to a reduction of the environmental footprint of the sector by a factor of three by 2035.

Given the slow transformation of the building stock, particular emphasis should be placed on improving the quantity and quality of building energy retrofits. However, current research indicates a serious performance gap between theoretical and actual energy savings in real-life condition of execution, operation and use. The objectives of this task are:

  • to analyze and characterize the energy performance gap in building retrofit, based on a representative set of case studies;
  • to assess its potential impact on the energy saving potential of the existing building stock;
  • to examine the determinant factors behind this gap and to quantify their relative importance via sensitivity analysis;
  • to explore how to bridge the performance gap and to derive recommendations for best practice in building retrofit;
  • to improve the ex-ante assessment of energy saving and to assess the real costs of the implemented energy efficiency solutions (building envelope and technical system).
  • Highlight 1: Characterization of the performance gap in building retrofit
  • Highlight 2: Reasons behind the performance gap
  • Highlight 3: Potential impact on the Energy Strategy 2050 (for Geneva)
  • Highlight 4: Bridging the Performance Gap in building retrofit

This work is related to the SFOE project “Compare-Renove”, and is developed in relation with our industrial partners and other building stakeholders.


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Debut: January 2014
Fin: December 2016