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Management of Solar Energy Ressource

Acronyme: AIE 36

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Solar ressource, data banks, satellite, solar ressource knowledge

Pierre Ineichen

Responsable du projet
Pierre Ineichen

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Task 36 Solar Resource Knowledge Management is part of the collaborative RetD programme Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC), established within the International Energy Agency (IEA). It operates via international consortium of experts who are involved in the analysis and processing of data from ground measurements and satellite imagery for developing large-area site-time specific data and maps of the solar energy resource. Task 36 focuses on benchmarking and validating data products, improving access to the various data resources, and developing improved products and new services. The outcomes of the work programme are aimed to support policy makers, solar energy industry, the electricity sector, and renewable energy institutions with the most suitable and accurate information of the solar resource at the Earth's surface.

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Annual global irradiation


A broadband simplified version of the Solis clear sky model (Solar Energy Journal) (-> pdf)
Conversion function between the Linke turbidity and the atmospheric water vapor and aerosol content (Solar Energy Journal) (-> pdf)
Comparison of eight clear sky broadband models against 16 independent data banks (Solar Energy Journal) (-> pdf)


Global irradiance: typical year and year to year annual variability (ISES 2011 Kassel) (-> pdf)
Standardizing and benchmarking of modeled DNI data products (Solar Paces 2010, Perpignan) (-> pdf)
Aerosol quantification based on global irradiance (Solar Paces 2010, Perpignan) (-> pdf)
Comparison of Direct Normal Irradiation Maps for Europe (Solar Paces 2009, Berlin) (-> pdf)

Début: Avril 2007
Fin: Juin 2011