Postdoctoral Program

Ralph Erich Schmidt

Senior Researcher


Institution : University of Geneva

NCCR position : Senior Researcher
NCCR PI : Martial Van der Linden
NCCR most relevant publications
Schmidt, R.E., Harvey, A.G., & Van der Linden, M. (2011). Cognitive and affective control in insomnia. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, 349.
Schmidt, R.E., Richter, M., Gendolla, G.H.E., & Van der Linden, M. (2010). Young poor sleepers mobilize extra effort in an easy memory task: Evidence from cardiovascular measures. Journal of Sleep Research, 19, 487-495.
Schmidt, R.E., & Van der Linden, M. (2009). The aftermath of rash action: Sleep-interfering counterfactual thoughts and emotions. Emotion, 9, 549-553.