Summer School (ISSAS)


International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS)


The development of emotions

 (July 5-13, 2018, Geneva, Switzerland)

  Application deadline: February 18, 2018


The International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS) is organized by the Swiss Centre for Affective Science (CISA) at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.


The registration fee for ISSAS is 1800 CHF on average (slight changes depending on type of room chosen). The price includes full board and accommodation. For those with financial difficulties, a few (partial) fee waivers are available. Waivers are applied for at the same time as applying for a place at the summer school. However, to apply for a waiver, you must provide evidence that you have already obtained/been denied funding from other institutions or concrete proof that the rules of the relevant agencies will not allow you to apply yet. Therefore, if you intend to request a waiver during the school application, contact your funding agencies ASAP. Please, read more about our waiver policy below.

The application process:

At the end of the application process you will be asked to upload, via a secured file browser dialog box, a number of pdf documents. Make sure you have them ready on your desktop before you start the application process:

1)      a letter of motivation explaining your specific interest in ISSAS 2018. If you intend to apply for a fee waiver, explain how much you request to be waived and why. Please name your motivation letter: Letter_[Yourfamilyname] (e.g., Letter_Smith)
2)      your Curriculum Vitae (resumé) (2 pages maximum, including any publications), Please name your CV: CV_[Yourfamilyname] (e.g., CV_Smith)
3)      a letter of recommendation from your advisor, RecLet_[Yourfamilyname] (e.g., RecLet_Smith)
4)      a copy of your identification card or passport: ID_[Yourfamilyname] (e.g., ID_Smith)
5)      andif you would like to apply for a waiver, a letter explaining your case and scanned documents showing proof that funding has been obtained/denied. Alternatively, if it is impossible for you to apply for funding at this time, the letter should explain why (see “waiver policy” below for details). Please name your funding information (if applicable): Funding_[Yourfamilyname] (e.g., Funding_Smith)

Important dates :    

Application deadline: February 18, 2018 (at 23:59 of your local time)
Decision communicated: April 9, 2018
Registration deadline: May 13, 2018
ISSAS 2018: July 5-13

An offer of a place at the summer school will include information about the participant’s application for a waiver (if there was one). Incomplete applications, or those received after the deadline, will not be processed.

Registration Fees:

Failure to pay the registration fee before the deadline (May 13, 2018) will result in losing one’s place at ISSAS, and the place will be offered to the next student on the waiting list. Payments can only be made by credit card. Instructions for payment will be provided in your acceptance email, should you receive one.

Applicants who are self-funding and do not wish to apply for a fee waiver, may jump now to the application link below. For those who would like to apply for a waiver, please read carefully the waiver policy below.

Waiver policy:

The number and amount of awarded waivers will depend on the number of requests received, and they will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.

To apply for a waiver from CISA, you are required to send us proof that you have already applied for funding from TWO other funding agencies: local (e.g., university) and national (e.g. national funding agency, foundations). Please indicate how much you have applied for/ been granted. Such proof can be provided in the form of a letter or an email from the funding institutions.

If no decision has been communicated yet, indicate when you expect to hear from them. If you are accepted to ISSAS, you will need to forward their reply as soon as it arrives.

If for some reason you have not been able to apply for third-party funding, please make sure to justify your case very carefully.

IMPORTANT: An evaluation of the objective efforts made by the applicant to secure funding to attend ISSAS will be considered a relevant variable in the evaluation procedure. Failure to provide adequate proof will result in no offer of a waiver.

Given the large number of anticipated applications, only those applications that have been successfully completed in accordance with our guidelines will be processed. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your interest in ISSAS 2018.