What is EC?

Many of us have heard of the phrase 'emotional intelligence' or EI. It has become commonly used at home, work, school and in academia. EI has been the subject of numerous books and articles, ranging from science-based to self-help.

But what do we really know about EI? And how 'intelligent' are we really being in our use of the term?

The concept of EI was originally conceived by scientists. With the growing awareness about the need to describe and measure our capacity to manage emotions, the term accumulated interest over the years. However, in the 1990’s it experienced a media-driven rise to popularity, jettisoning the concept from the safe, if  slow-moving, harbour of science into the public arena.

Although EI is by no means a Frankenstein’s monster or lethal supervirus, it’s sudden move into the public sphere before it was fully formed does have implications for how the concept is defined and measured.


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