Research projects


People for Ecosystem-based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and coast

PEGASO will use the model of the existing ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean and adjust it to the needs of the Black Sea through three innovative actions:

  • Constructing an ICZM governance platform as a bridge between scientist and end‐user communities, going far beyond a conventional bridging.
  • Refine and further develop efficient and easy to use tools for making sustainability assessments in the coastal zone (indicators,accounting methods, models and scenarios). They will be tested and validated in a multi‐scale approach for integrated regional assessment through a number of relevant pilot sites.
  • Implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), following the INSPIRE Directive, to organize and standardize spatial data to support information sharing on an interactive visor, to make it available to the ICZM Platform, and to disseminate all results of the project to the end users and interested parties.