C. Barouillet

  Dr. Cécilia Barouillet
  Postdoctoral Researcher
    VP Communication & Publication International Society of Limnology (SIL)
    Member of  the organizing  board sedaDNAscientific society
    enviroSPACE, University of Geneva, Bd. Carl Vogt 66, 1211 Geneva 4,
    +41 (022.37) 96919


Cécilia is specilized in aquatic ecology.

Trained as a paleolimnologist & limnologist, she combined monitoring data, the paleolimnological approach and molecular biology technics to reconstruct the long-term ecological trajectory and historical functioning of lake ecosystems in response to environmental change and anthropogenic stressors at the local and global scale.

At the EnviroSpace Lab, she works on a NCCS-impact project that aims to assess the impacts of climate change on Aquatic Ecosystem Services (AES) through:

  1. the development of qualitative models of climate impacts on aquatic species according to climate scenarios 2.5 and 8.6
  2. the development of an app to present a selection of AES modifying water quality and quantity, as well as aquatic ecosystem integrity in relation to specific end user needs (e.g., water temperature, flood mitigation, etc...).



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