Scientific Responsabilities

Editorial Responsabilities


The journal Math-Ecole publishes three electronic journals and a special themed edition (paper version) every two years.

It aims to be a tool serving initial and continuous training of teachers, but is addressed primarily to romands teachers of all school levels, including specialised teaching.


Petit x

The journal Petit x, established in 1983 by the IREM in Grenoble, aims at the diffusion of research, debates, and study reports and activities undertaken within teaching classes in secondary schools, in the field of mathematics and their teaching. Petit x also includes articles around the transition from primary school to college, and college to lycée and from secondary school to university studies. The articles published in the journal are significantly influenced by the didactics of mathematics, but Petit x is not a journal where one expounds one’s theories in detail: you explain the questions that prompted the research in the first place, you show how to apply the theoretical tools, obtaining in that way results or other questions of interest to the actors of mathematics education.

Pierre-François Burgermeister and Sylvie Coppé are members of the editorial board of the journal.


Grand N

Established in 1973 (more than 40 years ago, already!), edited by the IREM in Grenoble, the journal Grand N was initially dedicated to mathematics education in primary school. It was enriched in 1990 by the input of others scientific fields: physics, biology and technology. Currently, Grand N is the only French journal dedicate to mathematics, natural sciences and technology in school (  It is supported by the IREM in Grenoble, the ADIREM (Assembly of IREM directors), and the COPIRELEM (Permanent Commission of the IREMs on Elementary Education). Its editorial board, volunteers for the most part, comprises instructors, university lecturers, district councillors, school teachers, coming from different regions of France.

Sylvie Coppé is chief editor of the journal.

Stéphane Clivaz is a member of the editorial board.


Recherche en Didactique des Mathématiques (RDM)

The Journal Recherche en didactique des mathématiques (Research in Didactics of Mathematics) is an international journal founded in 1980 and which gives an account of fundamental research undertaken within the framework of didactics of mathematics. This is a research journal that publishes original articles in an annual volume composed of 3 volumes.

Jean-Luc Dorier is member of the scientific board.


Éducation et Didactique

The journal Education & Didactique was born out of a will that was demonstrated within the Association for Comparative Researchers in Didactics to rethink the relationships between didactics within education research and to develop relationships between didactics and other human and social sciences. With this in mind, the journal is committed to publishing contributions coming from many different fields, some of which are explicitly dedicated to the comparative approach, and contributions coming from educational sciences, philosophy, sociology, psychology, linguistics… focused on education and training facts.

Jean-Luc Dorier member of the scientific board.


L'Enseignement Mathématique

Founded in 1899, the Enseignement Mathématiqe has become one of the leading international journals. Under the direction of its founder and director Henri Fehr, with the collaboration of, succesively, C. Laisant, A. Buhl and H. Lebesgue, forty volumes make up the first series.

A second series appeared in 1955, with one volume per year. While retaining the spirit of the first series, this new series of Mathematics Teaching focused on the following program:

Expository articles and clarification with the aim of making these accessible to non specialised mathematicians – the journal is aimed at university professors and secondary school teachers – the state of things and the development of a modern discipline or this or that problematic that was recently updated.

Didactic articles relating to the reform of mathematics teaching and naturally from an international point of view taking into account of the quick development or the new ideas in Science along with the progress made in the study of the psychological formation of mathematic notions. The authors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their personal opinion on the subject, thus shaping their articles into a permanent inquiry.

Articles on the history and philosophy of mathematics, including biographies of important mathematicians, an analysis of their work, comparative and critical studies of the development of multiple mathematic fields and, on occasion, short clarifications about the state of fundamental questions.

Short original addresses, of scientific interest or relating to the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

C.I.E.M section aimed at presenting its activities and the outcomes of its inquiries.

Shaula Fiorelli Vilmart is scientific secretary and Jean-Luc Dorier is correspondant for the ICMI.