Language acquisition and disorders

NCCR Evolving Language Workpackage Edugame


NCCR Evolving Language Workpackage Edugame (Prof. Daphné Bavelier & Prof. Pascal Zesiger)

     The overall aim of the research is to test the feasibility and effectiveness of a new home-based intervention based on a video game, on reading acquisition in 9-10 year-old children in four different languages that vary in the transparency of their orthographic and phonological correspondence (Italian, German, French and English from most transparent to least transparent). To carry out the intervention and measure its effectiveness, we need to assess the children's reading skills before and after the intervention. The current application aims to assess the usability and validity of the French-language version of the reading and reading-related skills assessment battery administered via a tablet to a sample of French-speaking children. This phase will be followed by the evaluation of a computer-based intervention aimed at improving reading skills through intensive attentional control training.