Meeting organisation


The meeting will begin at 8:45 on Thursday, January 21. You will have access to the conference through the following ZOOM links, one for each day. The January 21 workshops, which will start at 16:30, have their own separate links


January 21st (starting at 8:45): 

Workshops (starting at 16:30):

            Archaeological Material:

            Funerary Archaeology and Anthropology: 


January 22nd (starting at 9:00): 


Below are some important points concerning the general organization of the meeting:


·         ZOOM

We have chosen ZOOM to organize the conference. We highly recommend using a computer with the latest version of the ZOOM application (5.3.1 or higher), which can be downloaded here: In order to guarantee access to the meeting, please ensure that your ZOOM profile alias corresponds to your first and last names.


·         Workshops

At the end of the first day (Thursday the 21st), we will organize two optional workshops. One is dedicated to Archaeological Material and the second to Funerary Archaeology and Anthropology. These workshops will be simultaneous, therefore please decide in advance which one you would like to attend. To help us animate these workshops, please do not hesitate to prepare a few objects or images from your study material or a new discovery that you would like to discuss during this virtual 'show-and-tell' (this applies to all participants, not just presenters).


·         Questions after the presentations

Following each presentation, a 5-minute session will be dedicated to questions. All of them have to be written in the general ZOOM discussion box. The session leader will then choose the questions and allow speaking access to their author. The presenter can later address any additional questions in a private discussion or in the general chat, and of course in the breakout rooms during the coffee breaks.


·         Breakout rooms / Coffee breaks

During the coffee breaks and lunches, we will provide breakout rooms (smaller “rooms” inside the general conference ZOOM session) to allow for more informal discussions in smaller groups. For these rooms to work most effectively, we advise you to use a computer with the latest version of the ZOOM application. You can find the link to download it in the « ZOOM » paragraph above. With this latest version of the app, you will have the possibility to navigate between the various rooms to discuss with colleagues. At the end of the break, you will be automatically redirected towards the general conference session.