Modern English Literature (18th - 20th Centuries)

Patrick JONES

Dr Patrick JONES

Senior Research and Teaching Assistant

CO 210
+41 22 379 78 87

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I hold a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Cultural and Critical Theory from the University of Leeds. I received my PhD in Modern English Literature from the University of Geneva in March 2023.

My research focusses on three main areas: the fiction and literary criticism of Henry James; the bearing of literature on philosophy; and the history of "English Literature" as a university discipline. In recent years, I have also become fascinated by object-relations psychoanalysis and its conceptualisations of psychic vitality or “aliveness”.

I am currently working on a monograph in which I argue that Henry James’s manner of representing fictional agency offers a distinctly literary form of insight into the phenomenological complexity of leading a life.


Journal Articles

  • ‘Strange Distance: Bergson and Symbolism’, TRANS– Revue de littérature générale et comparée, 25.1 (2021).
  • ‘Milly Theale and the Question of “Living”’, The Henry James Review. Forthcoming 2023.


  • ‘On Not Being Made of Literature: Franz Kafka and the Logical Priority of Life’, Logic and Modern Literature, Université de Lausanne. September 2023.

  • ‘Writing and ‘Living’ in “The Middle Years”’, Community and Communicability (Henry James Society), Doshisha University. July 2023.

  • ‘Henry James and the Phenomenology of Life’, Trust and Uncertainty: Perspectives from Linguistics and Literary Studies (SAUTE), Université de Fribourg. May 2023.

  • ‘Sedgwick, Swarbrick, and Psychoanalysis’, Queer Theory and Literary Study (CUSO), Université de Lausanne. March 2023.

  •  ‘Free Indirect Style in “Proteus”’, Université de Lausanne. March 2023. Invited.

  • ‘Henry James et la vie des écrivains’, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France. November 2022. Invited.

  • ‘Philosophy by Other Means? On Henry James’s Late Style’, Styling the Present: Literature and the Contemporary (CUSO), Université de Fribourg. September 2022.

  • ‘James and Kafka on Schriftstellersein’, Modern and Contemporary Doctoral Workshop (CUSO), Université de Genève. November 2020.

  • ‘The Strange Irregular Rhythm of Life’: “The Art of Fiction” as Lebensphilosophie’, The Sound of James: The Aural Dimension in Henry James’s Work (Henry James Society), Università degli Studi di Trieste. July 2019.

  • ‘Critical Vitalism and the Ethics of Care’, Radical Materialisms, Boston College. April 2019.

  • ‘The Lesson of Zola: Henry James and Creative Evolution’, Forms of Knowledge: Literature and Philosophy (OverLap), University of Edinburgh. November 2017.

  • ‘Full Pauses: Henry James and Vitalism’, Modernist Life (British Association of Modernist Studies), University of Birmingham. June 2017.

  • ‘Laying Bare the Ground: Milly Theale and the Question of ‘Living’’, Shifting Grounds: Literature, Culture and Spatial Phenomenologies, Universität Zürich. November 2016.

  • ‘L’homme vu du dehors: Henry James and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’, Critical Theory and Life: Ethics, Religion, Ecology (CUSO/Northern Theory School), Université de Genève. May 2016.


Modern English Literature (18th - 20th Centuries)