GeoHealth Group

Mr. Oumar Ba

PhD Student / Assistant

Institute for Environmental Sciences ISE
+41 22 379 42 04

Oumar Aly Ba is a PhD Student in Global Health at the University of Geneva under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Ray. He obtained his BSc in Economics at the University of Geneva, and his MSc in Quantitative Economics and Macroeconomic Policy orientations at the University of Lausanne. He completed the Certificate in Geomatics at the University of Geneva as well. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he worked as a research assistant in the Unit of Population Epidemiology at the Geneva University Hospitals. He has also worked as a GIS Analyst intern in a project spearheaded by Healthy Entrepreneurs, and developed in collaboration with the GeoHealth group of the Institute of Global Health and the Institute for Environmental Sciences.

His research interests are highly inter-disciplinary, converging at the interface of global health, environmental sciences, geomatics, and applied econometrics. His PhD will revolve around access to health services and health systems improvement with a focus on minorities and populations at risk in low and middle-income countries.


At the Institute for Environmental Sciences:

GeoHealth group, Office B401, UNI CARLVOGT, 66 Bd Carl Vogt, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 379 42 04

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