Dr. Laura Urbini

Scientific Collaborator

Campus Biotech G6-02

Dr. Laura Urbini is a scientific collaborator in the division of Infectious Diseases and Mathematical Modelling (IDMM) in the group of Prof. Olivia Keiser. She participates in the proper functioning and maintenance of the CH-SUR system for monitoring COVID-19 in hospitals in Switzerland, as well as in various epidemiological analysis on the data thus collected.

In her previous post-doctoral fellowship at the Foundation Synergie Lyon Cancer, she performed data analysis based on project needs in oncology, she uses next-generation sequencing tools to understand the immune effects of a type of endogenous retrovirus expression in ovarian and breast cancers.

Before, she has obtained a Ph.D. in the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA). There she performed models and algorithms to study the common evolutionary history of host and symbionts.