Gabriele Thumann

Martina Kropp

Dr Martina Kropp

Scientific coordinator and head of research

+41 22 37 946 77

Dr. rer. nat. Martina Kropp, PhD in biology, is experienced in cell culture methodologies, animal research, molecular biology and GMP production of GTMPs (Gene Therapy Medicinal Product)  for use in clinical trials. She is the scientific executive manager of the research group directed by Prof. Thumann. Dr. Kropp continues to direct several animal studies (mainly mice, rats and rabbits), employing techniques including animal surgery and behavioral testing. She has extensive experience in project management, including the EC project TargetAMD, and is member of the cantonal ethical commission of Geneva, CCER. Dr. Kropp is qualified to work in the GMP-grade facility of the University Hospitals of Geneva, HUG, the Laboratoire de Thérapie Cellulaire Clinique (LTCC) and has training in the GTMP production for non-viral gene therapy, including transfection techniques such as electroporation. She was responsible for quality assurance for the Cornea Bank of Geneva and is responsible for quality control of the GTMP in the TargetAMD trial. She has extensive experience in clinical research, is GCP certified and is currently project manager for the development of a clinical research facility at the Department of ophthalmology.


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