[191] Pathogenesis and Treatment of Food Allergies

The theme of the research group is related to childhood allergies. Research is mainly clinical and its main purpose is to explore the diagnostic measures and management of allergies.

Food allergies studies (principal investigator Prof Eigenmann):  

  • Pronuts: this study aims to characterize the co-reactivites in nut and peanut allergies. In a first phase allergies are diagnosed in a systematic way, then tolerated nuts given free for consumption for 3 years. The feasibility of regular consumption as well as tolerance to nuts at the end of the monitoring period are evaluated. The study is carried out in collaboration with King's College London and the hospital La Fe of Valencia for recruiting patients, and with the EPFL and the Hôpital du Valais for diagnostics aspects.
  • Traces: This study investigates the tolerance to foods marked as "may contain traces" in children who have food allergies. It is carried out in collaboration with the EPFL.

Drug allergies studies (principal investigator Dr. Caubet):

  • In hospital care of drug allergies: this study is designed to investigate stationary and ambulatory care of drug allergy suspicions and to improve the diagnostic process.
  • Europed-drug: This multicenter European study is intended to (1) establish the incidence of drug allergies in children, (2) to assess the reliability of the various diagnostic tests, (3) and investigate the mechanisms of reactions drug. Collaboration with 15 European tertiary medical centers.


Group Publications