[990] Prevention of neonatal complications of perinatal origin

Most of research programs developed in this group are focused on perinatal medicine and aim to prevent complications of premature birth or intra-uterine growth retardation. Clinical, translational and pre-clinical research programs are developed into two branches, in Paris and in Geneva with complementary expertises and tools. Students, PhD and Postdoc are welcome at both sites.

A. Clinical research

  • Randomized controlled trials, phase 3-4: many perinatal fields with special interest for the brain and lung protection (antenatal corticosteroid therapy, BETADOSE and BETANINO), postnatal corticosteroid therapy (PREMILOC and its ancillary studies), neuroprotection...).
  • Phase 1-2 trials in collaboration with industrial partners testing molecules or medical devices of interest in neonatology.
  • Cohort studies based on the exploitation database (EPIPAGE 2 in France, SwissNeoNet in Switzerland), in the field of neonatal neurology.
  • Research of biomarkers on human biobanks in the case of IUGR and translational validation of pre-clinical markers.
  • Analysis of changes in cerebral blood flow by ultra-fast Doppler and correlations to the sleep states in the newborn during brain development

B. preclinical and translational research programmes

These research programmes are jointly developed at Child and Development Lab in Geneva headed by Prof. Petra Hüppi and at Inserm U1141 (PROTECT lab) in Paris (www.neurodiderot.org Team Neurokines, Group 2) headed by Pierre Gressens.

1/ Basic research on IUGR and developing brain damage :

  • circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of fetal growth restriction in rodents and in humans
  • transcriptomic and miRs regulation in rodents
  • microglial activation deregulation following fetal growth restriction : underlining mechanisms
  • modulation of microglial activation and IUGR-induced neuroinflammation as neuroprotective strategy
  • development / use of dendrimers for targeting siRNA against microglial activation

2/ Neuroprotective candidates pipeline and clinical translation:

  • iNO and PDE5 inhibitors in neonatal stroke and HIE (+ hypothermia)
  • Oxytocin, neuroinflammation modulation and neuroprotection
  • PARP inhibitors

3/ Development of a novel device for for continuous functional monitoring of the neonatal brain based on ultrafast Doppler, in collaboration with ESPCI, ParisTech.



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