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[853] Research in Pediatric Infectiology and General Pediatrics

Infectious diseases are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children and are one of the most common reasons for consultation. Children can be more prone to infection because of the immaturity of their immune system because of various risk factors such as innate or acquired immune deficiencies.

Our research group is interested in different areas in this context. First, we focus on the prevention of infections through vaccination in patients at particular risk of infections and severe infections : immunosuppressed patients. For example, we vaccinate against certain antigens, such as measles, chickenpox or pneumococcus, liver transplant patients or other types of patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs. A second focus is on genetic or other risk factors in patients with severe infections (eg, sepsis). A third axis seeks to study the fate of patients infected with viruses in utero, such as CMV.

Finally, in connection with general pediatrics, we are studying, at the infectious disease level, common infectious diseases (eg strep throat, community-acquired pneumonia, RSV bronchiolitis) to assess whether management recommendations could be improved or not.

Other research topics are being developed in general pediatrics.

We are interested in adolescent issues, particularly the transition to the adult world, the impact of stress management and the question of young people with eating disorders or sexual identity.

We are also studying particular diseases in migrant children and adolescents in Geneva, such as vitamin deficiencies, parasitic problems or tuberculosis.

In addition, we are developing research in the field of medical education.

Group Publications