[933] Cervical cancer prevention and control

Our research focus on cervical cancer prevention and control in countries having poor access to screening and treatment services. Effective methods for early detection of precancer exists since decades in high-income countries and have demonstrated to be successful, but in low-resource setting, the limited numbers of trained providers and other constraints limit the implementation of a cytology-based screening program. New technological development offer now the possibility to eliminate cervical cancer in a more comprehensive way according to the WHO recommendation.  

In a partnership between the University Hospitals of Geneva, University of Yaoundé, Minister of Health Cameroon, cervical cancer prevention campaign have been initiated and implemented in west regions of the countries. These strategies should contribute to eliminate cervical cancer and build a healthier future for women in the country.

Current ongoing clinical trial aiming to identify an approach adapted to the context are :  

 -          HPV Screening with Triage by HPV Genotyping versus Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid: a Randomized Controlled Trial supported by KFS-5312-02-2021

-          TakeCare - To compare fertility rates between women treated by thermal ablation for suspicion of CIN2+ and untreated women (without known CIN2+), up to two years after their screening supported by Nuovo-Soldati Foundation for cancer research

-          Implementing a smartphone-based solution that automatically detects cervical cancer from videos of the cervix collected during Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) supported by Tech4Dev