[696] The Neonatology Unit with its Clinical Field

The neonatology unit with its clinical field covering the perinatal period from birth to follow-up represents a turning plate for clinical observational or interventional studies on a difficult, but very rewarding population. The perinatal period covers a relatively short and predictable time frame associated with the highest natural mortality and morbidity. A close collaboration with obstetricians on one side and paediatricians on the other side are essential. Several clinical studies are under way:

  • EPO study: Randomized controlled multicentre study on the neuroprotective effect of high dose erythropoietin in the premature infant.
  • ACTIFEED III study: Randomized controlled single centre study on the effect of standardized peri-oral stimulation on acquisition of active feeding and duration of hospitalisation.
  • ECS study: Retrospective cohort study analysing the effect of caesarean section before and after the onset of labour on neonatal morbidity, particularly respiratory morbidity.
  • Vaccination of the premature infant: Cohort study on vaccine tolerance in the premature infant. Safety indicators for neonatal resuscitation: Cohort study on type of intervention and its security issues in neonatal resuscitation in the labour ward.

Group Publications