Two affiliates won the prize G. von Meissner

The Gertrude von Meissner Foundation Research Prize is a prestigious prize awarded to scientific projects in the field of prevention and treatment of disabilities and diseases in children and adolescents.

This year, two researchers affiliated to the Department of cell physiology and metabolism, Dr. Volodymyr Petrenko and Pr. Charna Dibner are among the four laureates for their project «Circadian timing of type 1 diabetes: repairing brocken clocks to improve glucose homeostasis».



From left to right, Christelle Dougé, Prof. Petra Hüppi, Prof. Claes Wollheim, Dr. Volodymyr Petrenko and Prof. Charna Dibner. © UNIGE - Prof. Petra Hüppi

18 Nov 2022