PHYM members stand out at LS2

This past September 6 2022 in Bern, durant the annual meeting of the LS2 Physiology section, three PhD students won Young Investigator Awards.


The prize for the best oral presentation went to Mayis Kaba from the laboratory of Pr. Nicolas Demaurex for her excellent presentation entitled “The phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins Nir2/3 maintain limiting PI(4,5)P2 levels during the formation of phagocytic vacuoles”.


The prize for the second best oral presentation went to Tahir Idris from the laboratory ofPr. Marc Chanson for his excellent presentation entitled “Dysfunction of the CFTR channel alters Wnt and TGFβ signaling during polarization of the Cystic Fibrosis airway epithelium”.


The award of the best poster-flash talk went to Loann Laubry from the laboratory ofPr. Maud Frieden for his excellent poster entitled "STIM1 and STIM1L in skeletal muscle : distinct isoforms for distinct functions ?".


From left to right, Mayis Kaba, Tahir Idris and Loann Laubry receiving their respective awards. © Daniela Ross

12 Sept 2022