Two awards for excellence in teaching

On Thursday 25 January 2024, the Association des Étudiant-es en Médecine de Genève (AEMG, Geneva Medical Students' Association) awarded prizes to members of the Department of cell physiology and metabolism for the excellence of their teaching.

The prize for the best first-year teaching method in human medicine was awarded to Pr Pierre Cosson from the Department of cell physiology and metabolism. Passionate about teaching and resolutely committed to medical education, Pierre Cosson was singled out for his ability to teach with clarity and simplicity.

The prize for the best bachelor's examination in human medicine went to Dr Thierry Brun from the Department of cell physiology and metabolism, to Pre Charna Dibner from the Department of surgery and to Dre Ilse Kern from the Department of Children and Adolescents , HUG. However, it also goes to all those involved in the Nutrition, Digestion and Metabolism Unit, a crucial unit that enables second-year bachelor students to acquire essential knowledge about the digestive system, nutritional balance and metabolism.

The winners of the two awards thank the medical students for organising the Med'Awards and for recognising their dedication and commitment to excellence in medical training. They see it as a remarkable sign of the quality of relations between teaching staff and students within the Faculty of Medicine.

Other recent achievements in the Department

12 Feb 2024