BioCode: RNA to protein (R2P)

The main activities of our Core Facility are:

  • ribosome isolation and fractionation;
  • libraries preparation for translatome analysis by ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq);
  • analyses of translation efficiency, RNA translatability, ribosome pausing;
  • isolation of soluble and aggregated proteins,
  • analysis of newly synthesized proteins; 
  • in vitro translation

The BioCode: RNA to proteins Core Facility analyzes gene expression from mRNA to proteins



  • We are working with different organisms and tissue cultures: bacteria, pathogens, yeast, mammalian cells and tissues….
  • We provide consulting, assistance and technical advice to help researcher in experiments design.
  • Our Facility is dedicated to local academic users (University of Geneva) but is also open for external academic researchers and for industry.
  • We are in close contact with the Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics Core Facilities of UNIGE.