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The University of Geneva (UNIGE) has created the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP) to support the international expansion and outreach of philanthropy in the Lake Geneva region. The centre specialises in inter-disciplinary research and teaching in philanthropy together with knowledge transfer.

The Centre for Philanthropy is a public-private partnership between UNIGE and a number of major Swiss-based foundations. The centre aims to encourage research and academic teaching in philanthropy and to ensure that knowledge is transferred to meet the needs of practitioners and the Geneva region.

The centre delivers a variety of services in close cooperation with the different faculties in the University of Geneva and the partner foundations. These include an international academic conference which offers open dialogue on innovative themes between academics researching in the field and committed philanthropists. The 2020 Conference will focus on Philanthropy and taxation.  

The GCP defines philanthropy as voluntary giving for the common good, the latter being codified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Download the GCP 2019 Report.

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