Best ERNOP Conference Paper Award awarded to Lucia Gomez Teijeiro and Giuseppe Ugazio, University of Geneva, for "Mapping the Swiss Philanthropic landscape through big data". 03.12.2021

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Geneva is one of the most important global philanthropy hubs. In 2017, the University of Geneva established the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP) to conduct global inter-disciplinary research and teaching in this field. The centre works in close cooperation with the different faculties in the University of Geneva.

The Centre for Philanthropy is a public-private partnership between UNIGE and a number of key philanthropic foundations with an international reach.

Among its activities, the GCP organises an international academic conference which offers open dialogue on innovative themes between academics researching in the field and different stakeholders. The 2020 Conference focused on Philanthropy and taxation gathering prominent scholars from around the world in different disciplines. The 2022 Conference will dedicated to the theme of "Social entrepreneurship".

The GCP has defined 5 priority topics: Taxation and Philanthropy, Social entrepreneurship and Hybrid entities, Why do people give?, Diversity in the governance of the non-profit sector and AI and philanthropy.

Download a list of the GCP publications in 2020 >>

The GCP defines philanthropy as voluntary contributions for the common good, the latter being codified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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