Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship

Prof. Henry Peter, Prof. Giulia Neri-Castracane, Vincent Pfammatter, Dr Livia Ventura et Semia Bey

After the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, the essential role of business organisations in creating sustainable and inclusive economic growth and achieving the SDGs is undisputed. As a consequence, the past few decades have seen a proliferation, from the Americas to Europe, of new organisations (such as the benefit corporation) capable of bringing together social and environmental aims with business approaches. The research project is focused on the analysis of the different corporate forms and structures and the possible development of a uniform entity model (at regional or international level), as well as on the necessity to introduce or not in Switzerland dedicated corporate forms such as the benefit corporation or introduce special statuses.





  • 08-09.06.2022 - International Conference "Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy"
  • 12.05.2022 - Journée du droit de l'entreprise "Entreprises à mission: une nouvelle ère dans la gouvernance?", University of Lausanne