Philanthropy and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio

Philanthropy has been largely absent from the debates on artificial intelligence (AI). This project investigates the relation between AI and philanthropy from two perspectives. On the one hand, it explores how philanthropic organizations (POs) can play a crucial role in leading the Ethical and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence (EIAI) revolution from their privileged position as independent actors at the intersection of industry, government, and academia. Secondly, it addresses how the philanthropic sector can leverage AI to enhance governance and organizational development, data-driven decision making, and the development of impact assessment strategies. The present project aims to address this gap by bringing together experts in the fields of data science, philanthropy, and ethics to generate solid academic and practice-informed contributions. These insights will provide a well-rounded reference point and guide POs’ in embracing and implementing AI, while encouraging POs active contribution in the promotion of EIAI practices.

This endeavour is a joint effort between the Chair in Behavioural Philanthropy and the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP) of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), supported by grants from Fondation Botnar and a strategic partner of the GCP who wishes to remain anonymous. The project benefits from the support of a diverse and multidisciplinary research team, including Dr. Lucia Gomez Teijeiro (postdoctoral researcher in Behavioural Philanthropy at UNIGE), Ms. Camilla della Giovampaola (PhD student in International History and Politics at IHEID), Mr. Hubert Halope (PhD student in management at UNIGE), Ms. Maria Cristiana Tudor (MSc in Neuroscience at UNIGE), and Ms. Nisa Thomas (BSc in computer sciences, UNIGE).

In its initial phase, the project received contributions from Ms. Kamila Ciok, who designed the initial version of the survey on AI and Philanthropy, Mr. Jayant Narayan who commented the concept paper, and numerous experts in the fields of philanthropy and artificial intelligence who provided feedback during international conferences and workshops. We would like to thank Dr. Joost Monks for his important role in initiating the work on AI and Philanthropy, for co-developing its conceptual foundations and for engaging the fundraising for the project, together with the GCP.





  • 15 Sept 2022 - UNIGE Data Science Day, "Promises of Artificial Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Revolution".
  • 28 Sept 2021 - EFC Data Science Group "EFC Data Science Talks – Artificial intelligence"
  • 2021 - Quarterly Meeting of the WEF’s AI/ML Platform

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