Group members

Georgios Xexakis


PhD student
Renewable Energy Systems group, University of Geneva

Uni Carl-Vogt C611, Blvd. Carl Vogt 66
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Tel.: +41 (0) 22 379 02 88
Email: georgios.xexakis(at)




In 2018, Georgios started his doctorate at the Renewable Energy Systems group of the University of Geneva on the topic of long-range energy and climate scenarios. His research focuses on methods to increase the usability of these scenarios for a wide range of stakeholders, experts and the public. From 2017, he was part of the Swiss National Science Foundation project RIGOROuS, where he developed the RISKMETER, an interactive web tool for informing and measuring the preferences of experts, stakeholders and the public about the risk tradeoffs in the Swiss electricity portfolio. 

He is a Civil Engineer by training and holds an MSc degree in Building Engineering from TU Delft with a focus on energy-efficient renovations and computational design. He has professional experience as a Software Developer in the Netherlands. He enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams and thus feels at home in the RES group.