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Sociograph 31 - Sociological Research Studies

Voting for the Populist Radical Right in Switzerland: A Panel Data Analysis

Dan Orsholits

Meilleur mémoire de master de l'année 2016

2017, numéro 31

ISBN: 978-2-940386-40-6

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Working-class voters no longer systematically support left-wing political parties. This finding was initially viewed as signalling the end of class voting and the decline of the class cleavage’s salience. Yet, in Western Europe, it would seem to be turning to a new party family: the populist radical right. This realignment is thought to be linked to globalization and the societal and economic changes that it brings.

Populist radical right parties are thought to channel the frustrations of working-class voters with culturally “open” or “liberal” views of society while the effects of economic changes are less clear and more contingent on national context.

The present work links the debate on the decline of class voting and the rise of the populist radical right parties. Using individual-level longitudinal data from Swiss Household Panel, it aims to more robustly assess the determinants of voting for the populist radical right.