Stefan Heeb


Stefan Heeb

Assistant de recherche et d'enseignement
Université de Genève
Département de sociologie

Research and teaching assistant
University of Geneva
Department of sociology



Stefan Heeb has been a research and teaching assistant since August 2013. 

Academic background:

Stefan Heeb holds a BA in sociology (2004-2008), a BA in philosophy and Russian studies (2005-2010), as well as an MA in Asian studies (2008-2010 – thesis on Confucian moral philosophy).

He has also been involved in MA studies in sociology and philosophy (2009-2010) and in three years, respectively, of Chinese and Japanese language and civilization studies (2006-2009 / 2007-2010).

In 2015/16, he was a Visiting Research Scholar at the Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo.

He is writing a PhD-thesis about Contemporary Capitalism, Liberalization Logics and Socio-Economic Institutions in Japan under the supervision of Prof. Lucio Baccaro. A case study of Japan with a comparative background of West European countries, the project is concerned with socio-economic institutional change under contemporary capitalism conceived of as logics of liberalization.

Teaching (academic year 2016/17):


T105006 (automne) Séminaire d'introduction à la sociologie

T205002 (printemps) Séminaire d'approfondissement en sociologie B: Capitalisme contemporain, logiques de libéralisation et institutions socio-économiques au Japon


T205018 (automne) Sociologie politique (Prof. Lucio Baccaro)

T205041 (printemps) Epistémologie des sciences sociales (Prof. Cornelia Hummel)

Other interests and skills:

Stefan is co-founder and president of the committee of the Swiss think tank Pro Ethica – think tank en sciences morales. Pro Ethica (a non-profit association recognized by the Canton of Geneva) is mainly concerned with research and vulgarization in the fields of applied and normative ethics (
He has been a professionally trained flight attendant with experience on both continental and intercontinental networks.
He is also an experienced language and communication instructor, with proficiency in Swiss German, Standard German, French, English and Spanish, as well as C-level skills in Japanese and B-level skills in Russian, Chinese and Italian.