Enseignants et chercheurs post-doctorants

Patrizia Pedrini

Dr. Patrizia Pedrini

Collaboratrice scientifique II


Curriculum Vitae


Patrizia Pedrini is Senior Researcher at the University of Geneva. She held positions in Rijeka, Florence, Siena, and Stanford in Italy. Her research interests focus on normativity, rationality and irrationality, self-knowledge, self-interpretation, and self-deception. She authored two monographs, one on self-knowledge (Prima persona. Epistemologia dell’autoconoscenza, ETS 2009) and the other of self-deception (L’autoinganno. Che cos’è e come funziona, Laterza 2013), and co-edited Third-Person Self-Knowledge, Self-Interpretation, and Narrative (Springer 2018).

Domaines de recherche

Théorie politique



Normativity, Rationality, Irrationality, Self-Knowledge, Self-Deception, Self-Interpretation, Concepts, Conceptual Analysis




She is part of the Research Team of the SNF Project “The Margins of Corruption” (directed by Prof. Emanuela Ceva).