Enseignants et chercheurs post-doctorants

Esma Baycan

Dr. Esma Baycan Herzog


+41 22 379 89 44

Esma Baycan-Herzog is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Geneva and the Swiss consortium of research NCCR—On the Move. She has a joint Ph.D. in political science (University of Geneva) and philosophy (KU Leuven). During the 2021-22 Academic year, she visited the Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination (CEPDISC), Aarhus University, and the Pluralism, Democracy and Justice Research Group, and the GoodInt Project, Arctic University of Norway. Her research focuses on the contemporary normative political philosophy of migration, social cohesion, nationalism, political theory methodology, ethics of digital societies and global justice. Her extant and forthcoming publications found their home at venues such as Ethnicities, Ethical Perspectives, Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, as well as contributions to edited volumes published by Brill, Nomos and ECPR Press.


Curriculum vitae


Domaines de recherche

Contemporary Normative Political Theory



Ethics and Politics of Migration; Social Cohesion; Political theory methodology; Liberal/Sub-State  Nationalism; Liberal Multiculturalism; Legitimacy of International Institutions; Welfare State Policies; Social Justice, Ethics of Digital Societies; and Global Justice.


Lead Instructor:

  • “Seminar of Specialization in Political Theory (3 ECTS - Bachelor Level)” taught on different themes on ethics of migration and multicultural citizenship on three Spring Semesters of 2016, 2017 and 2018.


  • Assisted Matteo Gianni, during the Fall Semester 2016, for the class “Ethical Challenges and Public Policies (6 ETCS- Master Level)”, by teaching three lectures and organized a debate using in inverted classroom technique ‘fish-bowl’.


Collaborative Projects:

2019-2023    --      Perimeters of Multilayered Democratic Citizenship in a Mobile and Multicultural World, embedded in the NCCR-On the Move Consortium, Second Phase .

2014- 2018            Citizenship and Immigration: An Empirical and Normative Analysis of Swiss Philosophy of Integration, embedded in the NCCR-On the Move Consortium, Firt Phase .

Personal Projects:

Jan. – Jul. 2022    SNSF/NCCR Short Postdoc Mobility Grant (CHF 25’000) for the project “Ethics of Immigration and Discrimination,” undertaken during my at the Arctic University of Norway.

Feb. – Nov. 2021    NCCR On the Move, Short Term Mobility Grant (CHF 10’000) for the project “Social Cohesion and Liberal Nationalism: An Empirical and Normative Analysis” undertaken during my visit at Aarhus University.

2014 – 2019      Ph.D Project in Political Science and Philosophy, “Social Cohesion in Post-Migration Societies: In Defense of a Post-Migration Paradigm”, Cotutela Université de Genève (UNIGE) and KU Leuven. Advisor: Matteo Gianni (Institute of Citizenship Studies, UNIGE); Co-advisor: Helder De Schutter (KU Leuven); Committee: Barbara Buckinx (Princeton); Antoon Vandevelde (KU Leuven) and Marco Giugni (UNIGE).


Edited Journal Special Issues:

Boucher, François, Guérard de Latour, Sophie, and Baycan-Herzog, Esma (Eds.). (Accepted), Special Issue “Rethinking Liberal Multiculturalism:  Foundations, Practices and Methodologies”, Ethnicities. (August 2023 Issue). 


Academic Publications:

Boucher, François, Guérard de Latour, Sophie, and Baycan-Herzog, Esma. (Accepted) “Introduction”, Special Issue “Rethinking Liberal Multiculturalism:  Foundations, Practices and Methodologies”, Ethnicities. (August 2023 Issue).

Baycan Herzog, Esma. (2022). “Inclusive Membership as Fairness? A Rawlsian Case for Provisional Immigrants”, Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, Nationalism and Rationality Special Issue, (Eds. Lasse Nielsen & Nikolaj Nottelmann). https://doi.org/10.1163/24689300-20221058.

Baycan-Herzog, Esma. (2021). “Immigration, and Common Identities: A Social Cohesion-Based Argument for Open Borders.” In Migration, Stability and Solidarity, Corinna Mieth and Wolfram Cremer (Eds.). Nomos, pp. 155-186. https://doi.org/10.5771/9783748924890-155.

Baycan-Herzog, Esma, and Matteo Gianni. (2019). “What Is Wrong with the Swiss Minaret Ban?” In Religion and Political Theory: Secularism, Accommodation and The New Challenges of Religious Diversity, Jonathan Seglow and Andrew Shorten (Eds.). ECPR Press, pp. 175-194.

Baycan, Esma. (2016). “Flemish Pro-Independence Parties and Immigrants: Friends or Foes?” In Pro-Independence Movements and Immigration, Johanna Mitterhofer, Patricia Popelier, and Roberta Medda-Windischer (Eds.). Brill, pp. 86–117.  https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004294394_005.

Turculet, Georgiana and Baycan, Esma. (2016).A Fair Cooperation Scheme in a de facto Uncooperative Institution? The EU and the Current Refugee Crisis. Europolis, Journal of Political Science and Theory, 10(2), pp.243–50.

Baycan, Esma. (2016) . “Liberal Multiculturalism and the Fair Terms of Integration” (Eds. Peter Balint and Sophie Guérard de Latour), Political Studies Review, Vol: 14(2), p.237. https://doi.org/10.1177/1478929916630914c.

Baycan, Esma. (2016) . “Equal Recognition: The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights” (by Alan Patten), Political Studies Review, Vol: 14(1), pp. 73-4. https://doi.org/10.1177/1478929915609467o.

Baycan, Esma. (2015) . “The Ethics of Immigration (by Joseph Carens)”, Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, Vol:77(2),  pp. 427-9.

Baycan, Esma. (2014). “Review Essay: Justice for Earthlings, David Miller”, Ethical Perspectives, Vol: 3, pp. 429-39. https://doi.org/10.2143/EP.21.3.3044852.


Selected Academic Events:



23-28 Apr. 2023         ECPR Joint Session of Workshop, Toulouse: “The Future of Methods in Political Theory” . With Jonathan Leader Maynard (King’s College London), (Endorsed by Methods of Normative Political Theory and Political Theory ECPR standing groups.)



28-30 Sep. 2022         “Migration and Discrimination: A Normative Exploration Workshop”, Aarhus University, CEPDISC Denmark. With Annamari Vitikainen and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.

22-26 Aug. 2022               ECPR General Conference in Innsbruck, Democracy, Citizenship and Migration Policy Panel, Political Theory Section. With Matteo Gianni

18 – 20 Nov. 2021            “Multicultural Citizenship 25 Years Later”, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. With Sophie Guérard de Latour, Francois Boucher and Juliette Monvoisin.


Selected Invited Contributions:


Baycan-Herzog, Esma. Invited Paper Presentation:“TBD”. Exclusion, Integration and Democracy Workshop, Arctic University of Norway; 10-12 May 2023.


Baycan-Herzog, Esma. Invited Paper Presentation: “Equal Treatment and International Reciprocity: Are Citizenship-based Rights’ Differentiations Justified?”, GOODINT Workshop: Politics of Social Cohesion, 17-19 May 2022.

Baycan-Herzog, Esma. Invited Paper Presentation: “Rights’ Differentiations and Equal Treatment: What is Wrong with Citizenship-based Rights’ Differentiations?”, International Workshop: Justice for Denizens: Exploring the Normative Grounds of Rights-Differentiation, KU Leuven, Co-organized by François Boucher, Johan Olsthoorn and Eszter Kollar, 24 – 25 March 2022.

Baycan-Herzog, Esma. Invited Paper Presentation: “Inclusive Membership as Fairness? A Rawlsian Case for Provisional Immigrants”, GOODINT Project Launch and Workshop on Equality of Opportunity, Arctic University of Norway, 14-16 Dec. 2021.


Actualité / Média

Public Engagement:

Baycan, Esma. Roundtable participation on Turkish-European “Refugee Deal” and the Human Rights Protection in Turkey. Philosophy Night Amsterdam, Together with Tamar De Waal and Laurien De Vos, (the Amnesty International Turkey Coordinator in the Netherlands). Philosophy Night is a general audience philosophy event organized by Filosofie Magazine, a general audience Dutch philosophy journal. 15 Apr. 2016.


Baycan, Esma. Two Days Seminar on International Migration and Social Cohesion in Contemporary Normative Political Theory. Yücel Cultural Foundation, Istanbul. 26-27 Dec. 2014.


Baycan, Esma. “Roundtable on Gezi Protests in Turkey”, Together with Prof. Gerrit Steunebrink, Soeterbeeck Program, Radboud Universiteit. 11 Jun. 2013.


Blog Posts:

Baycan-Herzog, Esma, and Boucher,  François. (2022). “Multicultural Citizenship 25 Years On”, NCCR-On the Move Blog.


Baycan-Herzog, Esma. (2020). “Post-Immigration Social Cohesion Requires Open Borders and/or Urban Citizenship”, NCCR-On the Move Blog.


Baycan, Esma. (2017). “Le vote sur la naturalisation facilitée est en réalité un vote sur la nature démocratique de la Suisse”, NCCR-On the Move Blog.