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"ClimatiZENs" is a project for secondary school teachers and students in Geneva and nearby areas. With a focus on past climates, it equips teachers with tools to teach complex climate concepts and facts. This helps students understand current environmental issues and bolster their commitment to climate action. The project provides ready-made modules based on scientific research from the University of Geneva, complementing the curriculum. Teacher training and phone support are offered. An interactive workshop and field excursions enhance learning, while support for climate-focused final projects is also available.

A l'époque où le Sahara était vert

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The Terrascope aims to inspire and cultivate curiosity among young people about Earth and environmental sciences. Our interactive workshops, continually updated to align with current research themes and school curricula, are primarily designed for primary and secondary school students, accompanied by their teachers, as well as for groups of 5 to 25 people upon reservation. The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the planet we inhabit, exploring geological and societal challenges. 

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