Physical Volcanology and Geological Risk


The ensemble of volcanic phenomena  (e.g. tephra fallout, pyroclastic density currents, lava flows, gas, lahars, aeolian remobilisation of ash) have the potential to generate complex patterns of disruption at multiple temporal and spatial scales.

Reducing associated risk requires a full characterization of the physical processes and of various dimensions of vulnerability (e.g., physical, socio-economic and systemic). Dedicated analytical and numerical models in combination with sophisticated probabilistic strategies have been developed for the description of the hazards; however, due to the combination of a low frequency of volcanic eruptions and the infancy of associated risk studies, the characterization of vulnerability is still fragmentary and mostly focused on the physical acute damage. In this context, impact and forensic analyses have already provided fundamental insights and are key to identifying important drivers of losses and vulnerability.

Within the group of Physical Volcanology and Geological Risk we address various aspects of volcanic processes, hazard characterization and assessment as well as risk assessment and post-event impact assessment based on multi-disciplinary strategies (e.g., field characterization, experimental investigations, numerical modelling). Please check out our projects to know more about it.