The goal of this ongoing project is to write an introductory book on statistical mechanics. As there are already many such books, both for physicists and mathematicians, we believe it is important to describe what we aim to achieve. Our plan is to write a book that is On this page, early drafts of chapters from our book will be made available (as soon as we think them presentable), and updated as frequently as possible. We would be very happy to receive corrections, suggestions, constructive criticisms from our readers, so don't hesitate to contact us at


Warning: The chapters below are early drafts. As such, they are likely to contain mistakes and be incomplete (in case you find any mistake, or if you believe that some important topics are missing, please tell us!). Also, bibliographical informations may be only partial, or even completely inexistent, depending on the stage of writing. We apologize in advance to all the people whose works are not (yet!) properly referenced.

Table of contents (latest version:December 4 2014)

  1. Introduction (latest version: December 4 2014)
  2. Mean field models (latest version: December 4 2014)
  3. The Ising model (latest version: December 4 2014)
  4. The van der Waals-Maxwell theory on the lattice (latest version: December 4 2014)
  5. The cluster expansion (latest version: December 4 2014)
  6. Infinite volume Gibbs measures (latest version: December 4 2014)
  7. The Gaussian Free Field (latest version: December 4 2014)
  8. Models with continuous symmetry (latest version: December 4 2014)
  9. Reflection positivity and applications
  10. Long-range Ising model
  11. Large deviations and the equivalence of ensembles
  12. Pirogov-Sinai theory
  13. Mathematical appendices (latest version: December 4 2014)
  14. Solutions to the exercises
  15. Bibliography
  16. Index