Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Submission for ABIM 2022 is closed.

Abstract Submission 

The abstract submission can be performed once. No changes will be allowed after submission. Please be sure to have all information needed at hand and check all details carefully before submitting the abstract.


An individual can only submit ONE abstract. First author will be considered responsible for assurance of adherence to the rules and of the merit of the sponsored presentation. The first author must be present at the conference.


Your abstract must contain the specific goals of the study, the methods used, a summary of the results and a conclusion.

The Abstract title should clearly define the work discussed. Abbreviations (of compounds, for example) must be spelled out in full at the first use. Do not use abbreviations in the title. Use only standard abbreviations. Capitalize the first letter of all trade names.

The abstract must be in one paragraph and cannot contain more than 250 words (the 250 word limit does not include the title, author or affiliation information). Do not add extra formatting to your abstract. Italic, bold, tabs, extra spaces and paragraph subdivisions are not permitted and will not appear in the final program.

Submitted abstracts will not be reviewed for typos, capitalization or punctuation errors. The abstract will appear in the final program as it was submitted.

Abstract Changes

Once the abstract is submitted, no change will be possible anymore. 

Presentation Format

The decision of format (poster or oral) will be sent to you by email after the registration deadline.

Poster Format

The poster should fit our panels which are 150 cm x 120 cm (landscape) and will be fixed with velcro pieces (provided). The poster should be shown during the whole meeting (Monday – Thursday). Two poster sessions will be held (with first author present), one on Tuesday and the other Wednesday evening.