Final Program ABIM 2010

Sunday, January 10


Monday, January 11

Speed of Cognition

INVITED TALKS (15:30-17:00)

15:30   John Foxestar2.png(New York, USA)

Fast Brain: Parsing the Exceedingly Rapid Timing of Successive Stages of Multisensory Object Perception

16:15   Rufin Van Rullenstar2.png(Toulouse, France)

Is perception periodic - and if so, with what sampling rate?

17:00 Coffee Break


17:30   Karsten Rauss(University of Geneva)
17:55   Matthias Mueller(University of Leipzig)

Biased competition in visual multi-element stimulus diplays. What happens to the unattended stimulus?

18:15   Rolf Verleger(Lübeck, Germany)

Success is left and control is right?Intercultural, TMS, and stimulus-varying experiments on the left-hemifield advantage in identifying targets among rapid series of letters

18:35   Maxime Cauchoix(Toulouse, France)

Fast decoding of natural object categories from intracranial field potentials in monkey’s visual cortex

18:55   Olaf Dimigen(Berlin, Germany)

Occipital brain responses from fixational eye movements and their influence on event-related EEG data in a word and face classification task

19:15   Sarang Dalal(Lyon, France)

Insights from Simultaneous Recording of MEG and Intracranial EEG

Tuesday, January 12

Emotion & Memory

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Deborah Talmistar2.png(Manchester, UK)

Emotional memory as a uniquely human experience

16:15   Elizabeth Kensingerstar2.png(Boston, USA)

Emotional Memory: The Importance of Valence

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Bryan Strangestar2.png(London, UK)

How emotion enhances and impairs human memory

POSTER SESSION (18:15-19:30)

Wednesday, January 13

Social Cooperation and Competition

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Giorgio Coricelli,star2.png(Bron (Lyon), France)

Neural correlates of strategic and emotional components of competitive behavior

16:15   Oliver Schultheissstar2.png(Erlangen, Germany)

Hormonal brain correlates of the implicit power motive

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Natalie Sebanzstar2.png(Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Joint action: Bodies and brains acting together


18:15   Thomas Ethofer(Tübingen, Germany)

Processing of social gaze in the superior temporal sulcus: A combined fMRI/DTI study

18:35   Virginie Sterpenich(Geneva, Switzerland)

Emotion and sleep interact to enhance the perceptual discrimination of ambiguous faces

18:55   AnnaLaura Lagioia(Geneva, Switzerland)

The Resting Brain during adolescence and its Clinical correlates

19:15   Stefan Wiens(Stockholm, Sweden)

Negative arousal has effects on emotional event-related electrocortical responses independent of spatial frequency,human content, and picture complexity

Thursday, January 14

Real-time Imaging

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Niels Birbaumerstar2.png(Tübingen, Germany)

Emotional Brain-Computer-Interfaces

16:15   Nikolaus Weiskopfstar2.png(London, UK)

Real-time fMRI: Methods and Applications

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Laura Astolfistar2.png(Rome, Italy)

Study of the time-varying cortical activity and connectivity from high resolution EEG. Single subject and simultaneous multi-subject recordings


18:15   Frank Scharnowski(London, UK)

Manipulating Visual Perception with Real-Time fMRI-based Neurofeedback Training

18:35   Johanna Kissler(Konstanz, Germany)

Electrophysiological indices of language processing in vegetative state (VS) and minimally conscious state (MCS) – prevalence and prognostic value

18:55   Serge Vulliemoz(Geneva, Switzerland)

BOLD correlates of interictal epileptic activity

19:15   Guy Orban(Leuven, Belgium)

Investigating action understanding: Activation of the middle temporal gyrus by irrational actions