How to get to Champéry

Champéry can easily be reached by train. There are train connections from Geneva Airport as well as Zurich Airport.

From Geneva Airport: Go to the train station (CFF-SBB) inside the airport, catch a train to Champéry. Train tickets can be bought at the counter or on automatic machines in the train station, but can also be directly bought online (first or second class tickets, as well as bargain tickets online). You will have to change train in Aigle, where three different Alpine trains leave from the main train station to connect to different ski resorts. You need to take the "Aigle-Champéry" train. This connection in Aigle usually takes a few minutes only (check the schedule). The whole journey Geneva-Aigle-Champéry takes approximately 2.5 hours.

From Zurich Airport: Trains leave from the Airport to Lausanne, where you will have to connect to Aigle; from Aigle, take the Alpine train to Champéry as detailed above. The whole journey Zurich-Aigle-Champéry takes approximately 4 hours.

From the train station in Champéry, the "Hotel Suisse" is about 300m up hill. You can contact the hotel if you need pickup from the station (phone number: +41 (0)24 479 0707).

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