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The Medipix chips for Particle imaging and detection


In summer 2017, our group joined the Medipix4 Collaboration. The aim of the collaboration is designing pixel read-out chips for particle imaging and detection. The Medipix4 and Timepix4 chips will be for the first time fully prepared for TSV processing and to be tiled on all four sides. In other words, all of the communication with the pixel matrix will now go through the rear of the chip - the peripheral logic and control elements will be integrated inside the pixel matrix. This will not only enable large areas to be covered seamlessly, but will also permit the development of new read-out architectures by avoiding the need to send all of the data to one side of the chip for read-out. 

Two new chips are foreseen: Medipix4, which will target spectroscopic X-ray imaging at rates compatible with medical CT scans, and Timepix4, which will provide particle identification and tracking with higher spatial and timing precision.


Visit the Medipix Collaboration web site at CERN



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